Early Years Foundation Stage



    Sophie Hobbs

    Phase Leader for Early Years

    At Floreat Montague Park we are passionate about Early Years and aim to ensure that every child who begins their learning journey with us has a positive and happy start to their school life. Here at Montague Park, we recognise that your child starting school can be a daunting experience but we work hard to ensure that your child has a smooth transition into school life in a safe and stimulating environment. 


    “Children learn well in a safe, vibrant and engaging environment that feeds their curious minds.” - OFSTED Report 2019


    Our Nursery and Reception classes provide both child and adult led learning opportunities through a rich, thematic EYFS curriculum. We aim to work in partnership with you as a parent but also with your children to ensure that we incorporate some of their own interests within our classrooms and their learning. We appreciate that every child is unique. 


    We are part of GLF Schools and share their Early Years vision:





    Early Years Curriculum


    Your child will spend the majority of their day within our Early Years Setting free flowing between our engaging indoor and outdoor environments. We refer to the time of the day as exploration time and during this time your child will be given the opportunity to self-select and plan what they will do. Our staff members work with the children at this time to support and challenge them, through quality interactions. Through our interactions with your child and clear modelling we hope to encourage more independence in their learning and personal care. 


    This part of our EYFS curriculum is commonly referred to as learning through play.


    We also look for and encourage the development of the Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL), which thread through all areas of learning and support children to be effective and motivated learners. They are:


    • Playing and exploring – engagement
      • Finding out and exploring
      • Playing with what they know
      • Being willing to ‘have a go’
    • Active learning – motivation
      • Being involved and concentrating
      • Keeping trying
      • Enjoying achieving what they set out to do
    • Creating and thinking critically – thinking
      • Having their own ideas
      • Making links
      • Choosing ways to do things

    However, we are aware at Montague Park that some aspects of the EYFS curriculum need direct adult-led teaching and your child will take part in taught carpet sessions each day. In Nursery, these will consist of small group times building up to whole class learning in the Reception Year. During these sessions we aim to cover subjects like English, Maths, Phonics, Science, Art and many more! 


    At Floreat we follow the statutory EYFS Framework and use Development Matters to support us in our planning, teaching and assessment of your child’s learning journey. Following this guidance, your child will be taught at their own pace and assessed through seven areas of learning. These seven areas are split into the prime and specific areas. We focus on developing the children’s skills in the prime areas first. They are as follows:


    The Prime Areas


    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development: through which children gain confidence and self-awareness, the ability to manage their feelings and behaviour and learn about building effective relationships with others.
    • Communication and Language through: which children learn about listening, attention, understanding and speaking.
    • Physical Development:  which emphasises gross and fine motor skills in moving and handling, as well as health and self-care.


    The Specific Areas


    • Literacy: Early reading and writing skills, explicit daily teaching of phonics, recognising common and irregular words, reading and understanding simple sentences and talking about what they have read; children will begin to use their phonic knowledge to build and write words and construct simple sentences.
    • Mathematics: Based around counting reliably from 1-20, understanding number order and beginning simple addition and subtraction; children will also experience solving mathematical problems by talking about shapes, weight, capacity, time, money, halving and measuring and comparing everyday objects.
    • Understanding the World: Enables children to base their learning on what they understand of the world around them through talking about past and present events within their own families, being aware of the differences and similarities between others and among families, communities and traditions; children will observe the differences in their environment, learn about plants and animals and talk about changes. They will also use a range of different technologies, selecting and using them for different purposes.
    • Expressive Arts and Design: Children will sing songs and create their own music and dance. They explore a range of materials, tools and techniques to look at different colours, design and texture in their artwork and are given opportunities to be imaginative through art, music, role play and stories.

    We track your child’s progress in all of these areas throughout their time at Montague Park. However, at the end of the Reception Year your child is formally assessed within these areas. Each area is broken down into seventeen sub-sections and has an early learning goal. We then assess your child against these early learning goals through our child-initiated observations, teacher judgement and their adult led work.