Online Safety 

    Online Safety at Floreat

    Online Safety has a high profile at Floreat Montague Park for all stakeholders. We ensure this profile is maintained and that pupil needs are met by the following: 

    • A relevant up-to-date Online Safety curriculum which is progressive from Early Years to the end of Year 6.
    • Training for staff and governors which is relevant to their needs and ultimately positively impacts on the pupils. 
    • Through our home/school links and communication channels, parents are kept up to date with relevant online safety matters, policies and agreements. They know who to contact at school if they have concerns. 
    • Our Online Safety policy (part of our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy) clearly states how monitoring of online safety is undertaken and any incidents/infringements to it are dealt with. 
    • Filtering and monitoring systems for all our online access. 
    • Data policies which stipulate how we keep confidential information secure.



    Online Safety Rules

    In school, as part of our Safer Internet Day learning, we agreed on school rules for Online Safety which have been collated into two posters which are displayed in all rooms in school and regularly referred to:

    Early Years and Key Stage 1 Rules

    Key Stage 2 Rules


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