Educational Philosophy & Culture


    At Floreat Montague Park Primary School children and adults work in a holistic way by integrating spiritual, moral, aesthetic, physical, social, emotional and intellectual strands into our everyday lives and practice.

    Children are supported to achieve high standards of self-discipline, a strong work ethic, effective social skills and an accomplished intellect.

    We strongly encourage the children to be responsible for themselves: their conduct, their work; their time-keeping; their environment and their community. In order to engender this sense of responsibility, we constantly engage the children in matters relating to the running of the school, from educational matters to health and safety; from choosing which charities to support to managing the risks associated with an outdoor setting and encountering potentially harmful plants and insects. The children expect to be involved and this is evident in the day-to-day, ad hoc conversations as you walk through school as well as in the formal school meetings. Our expectation is that the character traits we foment have a significant impact on their learning.

    This approach is underpinned by:

           The School motto GROW, LEARN, FLOURISH

           The School mantra KINDNESS MATTERS

           The School values

    We all lead by example, recognising that independence requires support and guidance. Adults and children are addressed appropriately: first names are the acceptable in the school and help our visiting pre-schoolers and youngest children to form successful relationships quickly with school staff. As children grow, they are taught and shown other forms of address.

    We behave this way because we believe that full participation and involvement in life at Floreat Montague Park equips children with the personal development, experiences and character to flourish.

            Patrick Pritchett