Personal Development



    Sophie Hobbs & Kirstie Lipyeat

    Personal Development Coordinators

    The new Personal Development curriculum builds upon the school’s Character Education focus, with the key values and principles being used within this bespoke programme that is being developed specifically for our school.

    Our aim is that Personal Development at Montague Park will be a comprehensive programme combining all of the following subjects:

    • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
    • Character Education
    • Relationships Education
    • Fundamental British Values
    • Rights Respecting School
    • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
    • Mental Health and Well-being

    Personal Development Curriculum

    Our vision for this part of the curriculum is that it will be taught in three blocks across the academic year and that every child, in every class, will be learning about the same topic, at the same time, just in a tailored age appropriate way. The three blocks will be as follows:

    • Relationships Education

    This will focus on teaching the new statutory topic for 2020 to the children of relationships education. This topic will have a slight scientific focus considering aspects like health and our bodies and how they change as we grow, as well as thinking about other relationships such as families and friendships. If you would like to read further information on this and the end of primary expectations, please click on the link below. However, more information on this topic will follow in due course. Please bear in mind when reading the following information that all subjects will be taught at appropriate stages in your child’s development.

    • It’s Good to be Me

    This topic will take a PSHE focus (personal, social and health education) talking to the children about what makes them special, unique and different to others. Our aim is for the children to understand that it is good to be them and that no two people are the same and that this is okay. This topic will also have a mental health and well-being focus, again at age appropriate level.

    • My Rights

    The above topic of my rights is where we aim to explicitly teach the children about their rights as a child and how they can make a difference within the world. As Floreat Montague Park is an awarded Rights Committed school by UNICEF, teaching children about their rights will underpin and form some of the ethos of our school. Therefore, your child may tell you about the rights they are learning throughout the year, as we teach them through our daily school routine, fundraising days, classroom life and daily assemblies. At Floreat Montague Park we believe that we should teach for the rights, about the rights and through the rights of a child.




    If you would like to find out more about what being a Rights Committed school means, please follow the link below.

    RRSA Bronze Award


    As a school we are currently working on the next phase of our Rights Respecting school journey and we are putting things into place to hopefully secure our silver award in the academic year of 2021.