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    Upcoming PTFA Fundraising and Events


    There will be a Bags2school collection on 21st May. Please bag up any unwanted items (click here for a full list of do's and don'ts) and bring them to school on 20th MAY and leave them in the staff car park on the yellow hashed area outside the kitchen doors. If you need to drive in with the bags, please do so between 9am and 3pm to avoid drop off and pick up times.




    To see how FOFMP has fundraised this academic year, follow the link here,

    a total of £4,435.95 to date.



    If you would like to contact a member of the PTFA, please email: We would love to hear from you and welcome any fundraising ideas or suggestions you may have. 



    The Friends of Floreat Montague Park Primary School is Parent, Teachers and Friends Association of Floreat Montague Park Primary School. Our mission statement is:

    1. To support the learning of every child and enrich our children's overall school experience.

    2. To develop effective relationships between staff, parents and the local community.

    3. To represent and serve the members of our multi-cultural community.

    We are passionate about our role in supporting the school and are truly committed to raising funds, developing meaningful relationships and serving the wider community.



    Claire Williamson

    Laura Simmons

    SECRETARY Kadie Stelling
    TREASURER Steph Sharp

    Carole Poulter

    Claire Wootten 

    Jenny Plumb


    Attenborough - Kirsten Moreland

    Mandela - Annette Stack

    Nightingale - Aoife Brunt

    Gandhi - Anita Walker

    Curie - Laura Simmons

    Da Vinci - Jenny Plumb

    Owens - Stephanie Sharp

    Picasso - Kirsty McDougall

    Parks - Emma Wallace

    Earhart - Maisha Carter




    Click here to visit Stikins Name Labels

    Label Planet

    An easy to use stick on name label that simply sticks on wash after wash.

    By following the link (click on the image above) FOFMP will receive 30% of all orders from Label Planet. This is an easy way to name your children's clothes with no sewing or ironing needed - saving you time to get on with the more important things in life! "

    See the source image

    ​Free Donations for Floreat Montague Park

    Why not register as a supporter and donate every time you shop online.  Follow the link below to help raise funds for the school:

    Easy fundraising



    Register with Wokingham Borough Council's Green Redeem Scheme here and donate your points to our school. Points = Funding!