GLF Schools

GLF Schools

Individual Music Tuition

Music Guru run the following instrumental lessons in school for Reception and above:

  • Piano
  • Singing
  • Recorder
  • Guitar/Ukulele
  • Violin

Learning a Musical Instrument
Learning an instrument is a lot of fun and offers many opportunities to perform. It is also widely regarded that a good musical education, of which this would be the start, will help with many other aspects of academic learning. It will improve concentration, teamwork, coordination, analysis, creativeness as well as many other skills. With any activity, the more you put in the more you get out. Regular practice is essential.

Lessons take place on a rotating timetable so they are not taken out of the same class each week. We offer Individual lessons or small Group lessons (please enquire for cost). We have a full Covid risk assessment in place and follow strict school rules and allocate group lessons according to school bubbles where appropriate. More information on Music Guru can be found on our website:

Music Guru

Booking Lessons
If you would like to enquire or sign your child up for lessons please email us: